Yep, still alive .. less activity here because I’ve been somewhat busy .. and all the things I would be linkblogging are just getting queued on the old server (at home) instead of here .. because I haven’t had time to set that up on this new server yet.

Congrats to Chris on the new job! (see previous post)

Also, been tinkering with MythTV lately. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s really cool to use even so. So nifty to be able to watch stuff whenever you have time .. and without the commercials that were about to drive me insane. More details later .. The System needs better remote(s), quieter computer maybe, and a better antenna — yes, only the internet comes in over cable in our house.

Actually, as of last night, nothing is coming over the cable .. TimeWarner’s coming out to check it tomorrow .. but for the first time ever, you can still read this thanks to the magic of hosting services! 😉 Part of the myth setup required moving the cable modem and router .. it worked for a few weeks after that, so I can’t be sure I actually broke something. But this is the first time we’ve had problems in this house, so maybe it was me.

more Surreal Spam Poetry

Subject: pronounce bluebush

by “Millard Aldrich”

Sometimes tomato of midwife hibernates,

but defined-by looking glass

always gives a pink slip to defined-by boy!

Indeed, inside photon secretly admire dolphin about minivan.

He called her Jeanine

(or was it Jeanine?).

[ edited by punctuation only ]

Is this really January?

Sometimes I love Texas .. or at least the weather in Texas. Here it is,
January 3 and it’s 74F outside! And this is the evening– it was just a bit
warmer than this earlier. So I’m sitting by an open window with a nice
breeze going through the house. Even saw an ice cream truck drive by earlier.


I have the coolest cell phone number ever. Why? All the digits add up to 42.

(The amount of amusement this brings me at the moment is a fairly good
indicator of my current desire to just go sleep for three days.)


On the way to work this morning, I pulled up to a light beside a white Jetta
(Trek, not GLS like mine) about the same year as mine. After the light changed,
I noticed the license had one digit different and 2 digits transposed from my
own license plate .. spooky 😉