Neato: some Germans built a foosball-playing

Now if you had two tables like that, as well as some sensors on the
human side and a network connection for the computer controller, you’d be all
set for some telefoosing — except, the ball and the table surface and the
server would have to be identical, and even then I’m sure the way the
two balls bounced wouldn’t be the same ..

So instead of a real ball, all four players (local and remote) wear
special glasses and the image of the ball is projected onto the glasses .. and
the table introduces a bit of force-feedback into the rods when they’re
supposed to be making contact with the holo-ball. And it’d generate the sound
effects too (foos-man hitting ball, ball hitting goal, etc) …

now that’d be nifty 😉

We could call it virtual-tele-robo-foosball … or something

On the Air!

Remember that show on Comedy Central, “Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist”?
Well, Jonathan Katz is at it again

Transom has some clips of raw unedited
phone calls that will be edited into a show. Has the same feel as the TV show
… and just as odd. And some of the callers are the same as the characters
from the show.