iPodizing your Wiki notebook

So we’ve already established Wikis are good for taking notes, right? Easy to edit, easy to linkify and intertwingle pages, easy to access from anywhere .. well, almost anywhere — there’s that pesky problem of needing a connection to the intarweb to get at your notebook.

Of course, the iPod has that halfway-nifty Notes function.. why not just chuck the plaintext files from your Kwiki Wiki database into /Volumes/ipod/Notes? And that little Notes dir also supports (extremely) basic HTML — ok, only 3 tags, but it’s enough to get back the intertwingliness of your wiki.

So I whipped up a nugget of perl to find the WikiWords in a text file and linkify them for the iPod.

Unfortunately, this still suffers from the same iPod Notes problems. The iPod has to load all the files into memory the first time you view them, which can be slow even for the ~150 pages in my notebook wiki. And the script doesn’t (yet) deal with any wiki formatting (bullets, tables) since the only html tags supported are <BR> <P> and <a href="">

Still, it lets you view the wiki in proper linkified form. On your iPod. Without wires or wireless.