GNU humor

Been taking a C/C++ class this week .. while looking through string.h (for what, I’m not sure) I noticed this:

 /* Sautee STRING briskly.  */
extern char *strfry (char *__string) __THROW; 

The GNU C Library Manual page for strfry() explains it is the answer to ‘the perennial programming quandary: “How do I take good data in string form and painlessly turn it into garbage?”‘

The function that follows in string.h (and in the manual) is this one:

/* Frobnicate N bytes of S.  */
extern void *memfrob (void *__s, size_t __n) __THROW;

a nice function that “encrypts” your data ‘by bitwise exclusive oring it with binary 00101010’ … which you’ll notice happens to be decimal 42.


I made a perl script for controlling Audrey.
Lets you blink the lights, turn on/off the screen, make beepy noises, and push
webpages to Audrey’s browser. It’s basically just an interface to snarf or wget that calls the proper URLs on Audrey (becauase I never remember them).

This requires some hacks and fiddling on the
Audrey to work. Definitely need the hack that lets you access the Audrey webserver from addresses other than —

If you happen to have an Audrey, you can get the script here if you’re interested.

IM->MT Posting test ..

This is a test .. . using to post to MT .. wonder if it works .. wheeee! 🙂

update: apparently, it works .. Hardest part was getting all the other pieces working: extra perl modules, mysql server, etc. Then I just had to edit bloggerbot.xml for my setup .. and debug a few bits in (it didn’t like foobar->value->value but foobar->value seems to work fine)

Looks like Brad Choate was the first (I could be wrong on that) to get it working with MT instead of Blogger, so I knew it would work somehow .. 🙂

Hmm, I should be able to use my phone for this too .. how incredibly geeky .. vive la blogwalking!