Bike Commuting, week 1*


  • Days biked: 4 out of 5
  • Total distance (mi): 36
  • Total time on bike (hrs): ~4
  • Average speed (mph): ~13


Endpoints are Allandale (2222 & Burnet) and UT campus. I tried a few different routes last week before finding one that mostly works.  There are two roads between home and work that have decent bike lanes and not too much traffic (Shoal Creek and Guadalupe); the trick is connecting the two.

What’s worked for me: south on Shoal Creek until 41st St, meander through the neighborhood streets over to Medial Parkway (where there’s a bike lane), ride that south a few blocks to 38th, turn left onto 38th at the light, turn right onto Lamar, then, either wait for a gap in traffic or hang out in the center turn lane of Lamar, and head east on 37th. From there’s it’s quieter streets over to Guadalupe (bike lane again).

I made a map if you’re interested.
Any Austin cyclists out there have any suggestions for a better route?


I wore jeans and a t-shirt the first day, planning to change the shirt when I arrived. Jeans were alright when I was biking ~2 miles from the park-and-ride, but 4.5 miles makes for sweaty knees and slightly uncomfortable pedaling.  I switched to shorts, and packed long pants, shirt, etc to change into.  There are showers on campus, but I haven’t bothered to locate them — the real sweatiness happens when I bike home in the afternoon heat, so a change of clothes in the morning has been enough (so far).

* Ok, last week was sort of “week 1” – I’m starting over because it’s been a few years since I biked all the way from home to work regularly.  Earlier this year I started driving in part way and then biking the last 2 miles instead of taking the bus.  But now I live close enough that I can bike to work a) relatively safely, b) in less than 30 minutes c) without getting too sweaty.  So last week I biked  to work 4 of 5 times.