back to school

Howdy, faithful blog readers and random web wanderers!
You have not been forgotten or abandoned!

figured I should post a quick update to let the internets know that I’ve taken a leave from my full-time paying gig and gone back to school. I’m now officially a graduate student at the School of Information at UT. Fascinating stuff so far. I’m finally getting to explore and learn about all kinds of stuff I’ve found interesting but “didn’t have time for.” But this is a “quick update” so I won’t go into that now — I’ll save it for another post, assuming I can write something before another 3 months go by.

Also, I had to post something so that the title of the top post didn’t contain the words “bloated vienna sausage.”

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  1. I’m quite curious to know what you’re learning about, so when you get the chance, drop me a line.

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