We’ve secretly replaced Larry’s regular finger with a bloated vienna sausage .. let’s see if he notices.

Following the theme of “trouble with critters” this blog seems to be taking on, I was stung by a wasp this past Sunday. I was out on the deck after checking on some meats grilling on the grill .. I think he lives under the railing. It happened so fast that I was yelling and shaking it off before my brain had a chance to process the sentence “wasp stung me!” Didn’t actually see the bug(ger).

But the “vienna sausage” bit is true .. it didn’t actually swell a whole lot until the next morning, but now I can’t bend the finger very well. And it looks even sillier when I straighten it because the knuckle sticks up like a camel hump.

So this is the excitement in my life right now — random animal invasions and attacks. More intersting blogginess will soon return, I promise.

In other non-wildlife news, I did get a new laptop recently, as an early birthday present. It’s a ThinkPad X60 tablet. Very nifty so far, except for Windows Vista, which seems a bit of step backwards from XP in terms of speed and annoyingness. However, speed issues (time-to-hibernate, -boot, -sleep, switch users, etc) have improved a bit with the latest updates. The Annoyingness mainly shows up when installing new software (“Cancel or Allow” ad nauseum). I will eventually install Ubuntu and dual boot it, but I’m afraid I’ll lose some of the nifty tablet stuff that Vista does well. Like handwriting recognition, which is nifty.

I should get back to work … but now someone down the hall is playing guitar … ?!?

*update*: re-reading the previous post, I noticed I said “check back in another two months” … so I was only 3 days off that prediction, totally by accident.