in the belfry?

Well, not exactly … bats in our bedroom though. Alright, just one bat.

So, Natalie’s already asleep, I’m in bed but still awake, watching the tube. Then I hear this scritching noise. Probably one of the cats, I think at first. But it’s different than a cat-trying-to-wake-up-the-humans noise .. and it seems to be coming from overhead. So I pick up my cell phone, turn it on, and shine the screen upwards, and there’s this odd, lumpy shadow on one side of the beam that runs the along the peak of the ceiling. So I get a brighter light, and there’s definitely something there. I wake up Natalie and turn on the overhead light, and it’s apparent that a small furry-ish lump with limbs is attached to our bedroom ceiling. The million-candle-power spotlight leaves no doubt — it is a bat.

So we’re both wide awake now, but extremely tired. Googled a bit on “bats in houses”, and we’ve decided to follow the CDC’s advice and try to get the poor thing tested for rabies somehow. It’s locked up alone in the bedroom, we’re in the guest room. We still have no idea how long it’s been in the house, or how it got inside.

The City of Austin’s website says to call 311, so we did that .. said they’d send someone out tonight to catch it and have it tested.

Update: so I called “city wide information” (311) at 2am, animal control called back at 7:30am, showed up at our door a little after 9am, Bruce Wayne was gone by 9:30. The officer took down some information, including home phone number, so after they run tests they can let us know if we have rabies.

Or you could just wait and see if this blog starts foaming at the mouth.

Need more sleep now. Check back in another two months, maybe I’ll post something else. 😉