more music! and stuff

This is turning into a very music-oriented blog. We saw The Decemberists last night at Stubb’s … great show! some notes:

  • after the opener was done (Lavender Diamond, also good .. and I swear I’ve heard one of their songs (You Broke My Heart) before, but I can’t figure out where, and I don’t really remember their name), they started playing a recording of Peter and the Wolf over the sound system
  • When the band was about to come on they had this funny intro (maybe this is standard for their shows, I don’t know): something about “please be courteous to those around you” and ” turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself”
  • I’ve only heard songs from Castaways and Cutouts (since that’s the only CD we own by them), and they only played two songs from that one .. but it was still really good

In other news: been busy lately.
Work: changed positions and departments and buildings back in June. Same company though. Liking it so far — learning a lot.
Non-work: seems like we’ve had something to do almost every weekend since summer started. Either out of town or busy with something at home.

That’s it for now, back to work with ye!

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