From the perspective of a piece of software, a computer program, a chunk of running code, it is difficult (if not impossible) to tell the difference between a) a real computer and b) a complete simulation of a computer running on another, larger computer.

The same goes for your mind examining the universe around you.

My head hurts … stupid mondays.

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  1. I’ve had a lot of conversations about ideas of God with people who believe both that such a force or personality exists, and that they (or another human being) is able to understand or interpret its directives. I consider this a situation of insufficient hardware rather than a problem of software. But maybe matter is the hardware and all that really shifts is the software?

    Now my head hurts.

    Great post, by the way.

  2. Yes, I was thinking of matter as the hardware .. and I guess the interactions and reactions etc of atoms would be the software. Kinda low-level, so maybe assembly code is more appropriate, haha.
    So if God, or the Operator, or whoever, exists .. then we don’t have enough grey matter in our heads to comprehend what he/she/it is telling us? (assuming he/she/it is talking to us)

    Wait, doesn’t the blue pill keep you in the matrix? nooo

    Also, is it even be possible to simulate a non-deterministic universe?
    Random number generator maybe?
    And how do we tell if it’s deterministic or not?

    *head asplode*

  3. The only truly random number generator is one that takes samples of our universe (eg, radio static). If our universe is deterministic (who knows!), the samples are not random, and therefore the simulation is deterministic, though the simulator (ie, you) doesn’t know it.

    Therefore, we can’t know if it’s possible.

    Brain in a box.

    Reminds me of the philosophy final:

    “Prove or disprove this chair’s existance.”

    The only student that got an A wrote one sentence:

    “What chair?”

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