we rented Primer tonight. Now my head hurts. good movie,very interesting, just hard to follow if you’re not devoting 150% of your brain to it. so, we’ll have to watch it again. 🙂

update: Just went back and found Jason Kottke’s post on Primer ( Thank you ! ), which was the reason I knew I had to pick up the movie when I spotted it at the video store. He’s got a good review that does the movie more justice than my earlier comment (brain hurt—hurrrr). Also has some links to a few timelines for the movie, which is helpful since there is lots of brain-melting time travel paradoxical things going on. Of course, you should probably see the movie before you look at those 😉

One more thing: I noticed a 972 area code on a phone number in the film; apparently it was filmed in Addison, TX.

I just voluntarily added Tobasco sauce to something I was eating. I think 10 years in Texas has had an effect — on my tastebuds at least. Even worse, when I took a bite I thought, “hmm, tangy” and added more tobasco.