old email

Wow .. I just found a bunch of old backup files with emails from 1996 ! That’s like .. *counting* .. about 6 computers and 10 email addresses ago. Now I just need some scripts that will convert messages from Eudora and Juno (juno.com! when all they did was free dialup email!) into some nice normal unix mail format.

I was a big dork in 1996. 😉

a sample:

Hey. howzit goin?
Would like to win a laptop? I found this contest on the web where you have to solve all these puzzles and when you finish, you get yourself entered into a drawing for a pentium 75 laptop with a 28.8 PCMCIA modem.. here’s the URL

A modem — how quaint! 28.8 kbps no less!

Also found backups of old webpages, but I’ll spare you the horror.


Well, this stinks … AT&T Wireless/Cingular has their clocks set wrong — my phone is autoupdating its clock (based on the cell network time) to about 3 minutes behind the government’s atomic clock. No wonder I’m always late. 😉


We’re in Houston for the weekend. Also, we went and picked blueberries near Livingston today. So we have several pounds of blueberries in a cooler now. And many (many many) more pounds of red-larry’s due to defective or not-enough sunscreen. oops, ouch. Isn’t it convenient that a plant like aloe which is so good at counteracting sunburn happens to grow where there is a lot of sun?


running wordpress now .. yay! major design change too, but only because it was easier than squeezing the old look into a WP theme .. still adding things. And I need to get AIM blogging working yet again 🙂

update, 5/23/2006: for some reason, this post was attracting all the comment-spam .. so I’ve disabled comments for this post 😛