We went camping in Big Bend a couple weeks ago. Lotsa fun 🙂 Pre-national park stops included the McDonald Observatory and Prude Ranch, both in the Davis Mountains. Once in Big Bend we hiked all over the place, slept in a tent, ate good food, played cards, spotted wildlife (road runners, bluebirds, deer, javelinas), and generally had a great time (except for the blisters, sprained ankles, boots falling apart, dehydration/foodpoisoning(?), and other perils of the outdoors).

“Hiking all over the place” included: some nature trail near our campsite; Pinnacle something trail -> Colimas(?) Trail -> Laguna Meadows (9 miles, 11 with a side climb up Emory peak (not me)) ; some Rio Grande overlook near our campsite; Boquillas Canyon; and Hot Springs.

Of course, took lots of pictures (if you want to add comments to any of those, find the register link and make yourself and account .. and if that doesn’t work, just bug me about it 😉 )