Yep, still alive .. less activity here because I’ve been somewhat busy .. and all the things I would be linkblogging are just getting queued on the old server (at home) instead of here .. because I haven’t had time to set that up on this new server yet.

Congrats to Chris on the new job! (see previous post)

Also, been tinkering with MythTV lately. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s really cool to use even so. So nifty to be able to watch stuff whenever you have time .. and without the commercials that were about to drive me insane. More details later .. The System needs better remote(s), quieter computer maybe, and a better antenna — yes, only the internet comes in over cable in our house.

Actually, as of last night, nothing is coming over the cable .. TimeWarner’s coming out to check it tomorrow .. but for the first time ever, you can still read this thanks to the magic of hosting services! 😉 Part of the myth setup required moving the cable modem and router .. it worked for a few weeks after that, so I can’t be sure I actually broke something. But this is the first time we’ve had problems in this house, so maybe it was me.

Wiki vs. ink-on-paper update

Still trying to use my private wiki for note taking at work .. I’m not, as I’d hoped, using it for everything I could possibly want to record — I can type faster and cleaner than I write , but I can pick up a notebook and pen faster than I can load the right webpage or open the right file in a text editor. And a spiral is so much lighter and easier to grab on the way to a meeting.

Haven’t completely abandoned the wiki though .. upgraded my version of Instiki today, in fact. And since there appears to be no “import” function, I rolled my own. I was impressed with how easy that turned out to be — curl is quite versatile with the HTTP POST action. I’d post the actual script to show you, but I left it at work .. maybe tomorrow