Nono, you’re doing it backwards..

Lots of people have their blogs configured to add a little icon next to a link
if it takes you somewhere off their site. This icon (usually a little arrow or
something) is omitted when the link takes you somewhere else on their own
site, such as a previous post. This seems kind of silly to me, since most of
the links in blog posts are about other sites, not the blogger’s own site.

What’d be actually useful is if there was an icon telling you the opposite
— “hey, this link is self-referential”. You don’t need to tell me about
if it’s an external link, that’s what I initially assume all links are. But if
a given boingboing post links to a previous boing, an icon telling me so would
be nice .. I rarely follow these links, since I probably already read that post
.. the icon would save me the “trouble” of mousing over the link to find out.


more Surreal Spam Poetry

Subject: pronounce bluebush

by “Millard Aldrich”

Sometimes tomato of midwife hibernates,

but defined-by looking glass

always gives a pink slip to defined-by boy!

Indeed, inside photon secretly admire dolphin about minivan.

He called her Jeanine

(or was it Jeanine?).

[ edited by punctuation only ]