Who brought the cat?

(see Fruvous )

I went to the Arboretum to take a break from work yesterday.. wandered
into A Large Bookstore and noticed lots of chairs lined up, with people
sitting, waiting patiently to have their books signed (but only if they had a
ticket, according to the announcements). So a few minutes later Margaret
Atwood is at the podium telling the crowd how she’s never been in Austin before
and then she gives an overview of her new book Oryx & Crake. Sounded
neat .. something about a boy who lives in a tree and future-people with
built-in sunblock, built-in mosquito repellant, built-in birkenstocks … I may
have to read it.

Also, started reading the Harry Potter books .. halfway through the third now.
This is partly because it’d be nice to have read the book before seeing the
movie, but also partly because I found digital copies of all 5 books (we
already have the legitimate deadtree editions) which I loaded into my phone.
Oddly, that’s how I’ve read almost every book in the past year or so .. on my
phone. I suspect I would read even more if I could “rip” books like you can
rip CD’s.