Lost and found

So I was outside doing a bit of yardwork this weekend and I walked behind the
shed in the backyard and sitting there on the ground, covered in a thin layer
of dried mud, tucked underneath the edge of the shed, is a sixteen pound
bowling ball engraved with the initials J.P.C.


So I carried it over to the hose and rinsed it off. Seems to be in working condition (for a bowling ball).
Still no idea why someone would want to keep their bowling ball outside under their shed.


My latest fun-and-easy project around the house was changing the light fixture
attached to the ceiling fan in the living room. Went from a single bulb in a
globe to 4 bulbs with bell shaped glass covers. Looks better and brighter now.
Of course, this required turning off the electrons to the fixture, which meant
I had to make a map of what each of the circuit breakers controlled. This is
more fun than it sounds, really. If you’re me, anyway. And I am .. me, that

And then, once all the fixtures that need replacing are replaced, I’ll have to
replace all the switches with X10 controllable switches (ok, not all of
them). And install motion sensors and door switches that turn the lights on
when you come in and off when you leave. And it can play your messages for you
when you get home. And remind you to close the garage door if you’ve been
home for a while and forgotten that it’s open. And then we’ll need some kind
of video system so that you can transfer the movie playing in the living room
to the TV in the kitchen so you don’t miss the good parts while you’re making

Yeah .. someday .. let me just add those to my todo list 😉

Is this really January?

Sometimes I love Texas .. or at least the weather in Texas. Here it is,
January 3 and it’s 74F outside! And this is the evening– it was just a bit
warmer than this earlier. So I’m sitting by an open window with a nice
breeze going through the house. Even saw an ice cream truck drive by earlier.