GNU humor

Been taking a C/C++ class this week .. while looking through string.h (for what, I’m not sure) I noticed this:

 /* Sautee STRING briskly.  */
extern char *strfry (char *__string) __THROW; 

The GNU C Library Manual page for strfry() explains it is the answer to ‘the perennial programming quandary: “How do I take good data in string form and painlessly turn it into garbage?”‘

The function that follows in string.h (and in the manual) is this one:

/* Frobnicate N bytes of S.  */
extern void *memfrob (void *__s, size_t __n) __THROW;

a nice function that “encrypts” your data ‘by bitwise exclusive oring it with binary 00101010’ … which you’ll notice happens to be decimal 42.

Regarding pointing devices and laptops ..

So right before I broke down and got this Mac, I claimed I liked eraser-heads better
than touchpads
. I think I my opinion has now reversed. After using the
iBook for about 10 months, I’ve actually gotten used to the touch pad on it.
It’s definitely lets me move the cursor around faster than the little red
nubbin on a ThinkPad. And being able to just thump the pad rather than
actually click the button is nice. I guess I was comparing the traackpoint to
the touchpad on the PC laptops I’ve used — I still don’t like those much.
They Mac touchpad is somehow different. Also, it seems to work best when my
fingers are very dry.

But an actual mouse still beats any built in pointer.

About my other complaints with Apples … some of the PowerBooks have
PCMCIA slots I think. One button is still annoying .. Ctrl-click instead of
right-click? 😛 But an external USB mouse works fine. No IrDA’s a bit of pain
but not really a big deal. A few times, it would have made it easier to get
files from someone else’s Wintel laptop to my iBook, but a CF card and reader
worked fine. And Bluetooth is working ok for syncing my phone (just not
copying multiple files off of it). Still have to use a cable to sync my Visor

As for the serial port,
I returned the non-OS X-supporting IOGear dongle and got a Keyspan one instead (for
$5 more). It has drivers for MacOS X and Linux, as well as Windows.* … works great with my Garmin GPS and MacStumbler 🙂