Nifty Vim trick ..

Just found this: in vim, hitting ga will
tell you the ASCII code of the character under the cursor (in decimal, hex
and octal) .. neat. Vim is good 🙂 I’ve thought about trying that other editor, even
installed it at least once, but I just don’t have the copious amounts of
freetime I know it would take to figure out how to do all the nifty stuff I’ve
learned to do with Vim.


Did some tweaking to the blog .. added a search plugin (down on the right
there) and a “recent visitors” plugin (so I can see that I am in fact the
only person to look at this page in that last N hours ;-).

Also tweaked my linkbin plugin so that it’s synched with the archives .. soy if
you’re looking at this post from August 12,
the linkbin will show you all the links that were thrown in on that day (instead of just the most recent ones like it used to).