I have the coolest cell phone number ever. Why? All the digits add up to 42.

(The amount of amusement this brings me at the moment is a fairly good
indicator of my current desire to just go sleep for three days.)

Mole Day

Darn missed it again .. yesterday was October 23 (10-23), which means from
6:02am to 6:02pm it was Mole Day. If this
makes no sense, you may want to ask
to refresh your memory.

Ah, I remember my first mole day .. I was in
10th grade, the year we had to take chemistry. It was a Saturday, so we
couldn’t celebrate at school, but a one of my friends called everyone at home to wish them a Happy Mole Day.


On the way to work this morning, I pulled up to a light beside a white Jetta
(Trek, not GLS like mine) about the same year as mine. After the light changed,
I noticed the license had one digit different and 2 digits transposed from my
own license plate .. spooky 😉

Faxing from Mac OS X

Note: If you’re trying to send a fax from your Mac using FAXstf X, you may want
to make sure you have (at least) version 10.0.8 (upgrade
). My iBook came with FAXstf X 10.0 installed .. and when you try to
send, it says something about adding phone numbers to send to in the Addresses
pane. But if you go to this pane in the print dialog, the only thing there is
any empty list box and a button that opens your Address Book. And when it does,
you still can’t add any numbers by dragging in people from your Address Book.
This is apparently fixed in 10.0.8. The silly thing is that the “easy” way is
the only way you can add any fax numbers to send to. Why not just a textbox
where you can enter in a phone number and add it to the list? Even when this
works, it means you have to add an entry to your address book to send a fax to
someplace you probably never send faxes to. Bah.


Last night I applied this patch to my Debian
install of djbdns and routed around
the damage caused by Verisign (morons!). I’m using djbdns as a forwarding
cache and as an internal tinydns for This way, points
to my external IP when I’m away and to the correct private 192.168 IP when I’m
at home. And the setup was much simpler than BIND, which I used to run for ..

Also, now that I have dns running on nougat (the Debian box),
there’s no essential services left on the original spoon (ancient slackware
box), so I switched it off .. yay. No more clik-clunk of the harddrive. Now
to find time to take it apart, clean out the harddrive, use the parts for
other boxes.. weeee.