.. not to be confused with the ACLU. First two days were pretty good …
Friday we left work at 4:something, drove downtown, parked, rode the shuttle,
and arrived at the park at about 6:00. So we listened to Leftover Salmon for a
bit, and then met up with some people just in time to catch all of Steve
Winwood’s set .. that was about 7:00, which was neat because in front of us
there was good music and behind us was this cool looking
orange-and-pink-and-purple sunset (I have a picture somewhere, will upload it
later). After that, we wandered some more and caught bits of Spoon, Patrice
Pike, and Keller Williams (who was doing some odd song about plastic surgery
“she got a boob job. she got a WHAT?!” with this funky bass along with it ..
and no, not at all related to the real estate
). And then we returned ourselves to the CapMetro stage to see Al
Green .. much fun. That man has a lot of energy .. and it’s kind of contagious.
And after all that we went home .. ok, we started to go home: we walked from the stage to the park entrance, then we walked back along the park fence for 10 minutes, and then we got in the hour long line for the buses. This is, apparently, much better than last year where it took as long as 3 hours to get on the bus.

Yesterday we made it down to Zilker around 2:00, wandered a bit, looked at the
shops, heard Endochine, the Dandy Warhols, wandered some more .. then we
planted ourselves (in the chairs Natalie bought that morning after deciding
that a blanket on the grass isn’t that comfy, and you can’t see as well ..
which was good because it rained on-and-off most of the day) in front of the
HEB stage, where at 4:00, Jay Farrar took the stage. First song was just him
and a guitar, then he was joined by his band. Sounded quite a bit different
than Son Volt, but not completely so. New instrumentation, for one .. sounded
like more keyboards or something in one of the songs. And then the band went
away for a while and he played Tear Stained Eye and Windfall, which was really
cool. And then they all played one more new song ..

(the festival recap will resume later .. have to go finish up the
festival today: Lucinda Williams, Ben Kweller, Beth Orton, REM .. yay!)