Mars Attacks!

That’s right, the Communist Red Planet is closer to Earth now than it has been in the past 60,000 years. Look for the bright red thing in the east after sunset. ( I really should buy a telescope one of these days. )
The Astronomy Picture of the Day has plenty of information and linkification. If you want to know exactly when sunset is tonight, you could consult the US Naval Observatory’s website.

Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters!

(… from a planet near Mars) We went to Half Price Books the other day. Walked straight in the door and immediately noticed these in the very front of the comic book racks. Of course, I had to buy all three issues they had. 😉 I thought Adam might be interested in them too …

the linkbin

I just added a linkbin to the sidebar. It started as a way to store bookmarks
on my server. I made a perl cgi script that takes a url and adds it to a file.
Then I took one of the many javascript bookmarklets out there and hacked it to
pass the url of the current page to my perl script. That same perl script will
also display all the links you saved in the file, (and if you click the linklet
on an empty page, it will go to this display page). This morning, I threw the
link-displaying code into a blosxom plugin, and now you get to see ’em too.

If you’re interested, you can have at the source

Note: the usage of “bin” in the term linkbin should not imply the links it contains are rubbish. 😉