Aha! xmas.wav solved

A long time ago I tried out BeOS .. and there was this file, xmas.wav, tucked away somewhere. It’s kinda neat
and geeky .. everyone once in a while, it comes up in my playlist and I think
“where the heck did this come from” so I google for part of the lyrics and come
up with quotes and crap and other people wondering where it came from and
people saying “it came from BeOS, duh” and more people saying “well, yeah, that’s where I got it, where did it come from before that?” and so on.

But today, I googled “i saw my future enlarged” and was rewarded with this page which I’m copying here so as to never lose it again.

virtual (void) lyrics by baron arnold

From the album non album track

Into the future I charge

I spawned an arrogant thread

I saw my future enlarged

And then I had to reboot a hundred times,

Untangle threads

And corporate crime

You may never find love down a T1 line

I made a simple demand

I caught a private reward

I made an elegant stand

My faith and patience restored

And then I had to reboot a hundred times

Through lonely beds

And worn out rhymes

You may never find love down a T1 line

I made paper out of paper mache

I drew sonic insurrections out of what you tried to say

hey, an extra verse 🙂
More googling reveals that the file was actually in “/boot/optional/sounds/virtual (void)” .. not sure why I have it as xmas.wav