mod_rewrite kicks ass

Been having some problems with forum wheenies stealing images off my site. At least I was able to find out since they didn’t bother copying the image file, just IMG SRC’d straight to my server. So I enabled mod_rewrite in Apache and had it send a 403 for any image where the referer is not my own site … “l33t br47s” now g0nz0red, wheee.

inside a VirtualHost block:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond   %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://WWW.SPOON.CX/.*$     [NC]
ReWriteRule   .*.(gif|jpg)$      -       [NC,N,F,L]

(Thank you, Scripty Goddess!)


I made a perl script for controlling Audrey.
Lets you blink the lights, turn on/off the screen, make beepy noises, and push
webpages to Audrey’s browser. It’s basically just an interface to snarf or wget that calls the proper URLs on Audrey (becauase I never remember them).

This requires some hacks and fiddling on the
Audrey to work. Definitely need the hack that lets you access the Audrey webserver from addresses other than —

If you happen to have an Audrey, you can get the script here if you’re interested.