another test … just put together a mail2blosxom script (makes the procmail rule shorter)


# -- Where's blosxom sitting?
# -- Where's the new post go?
post="/home/larcher/blog/emailed/`date +%y-%m-%d.%H-%M.txt`"

# -- strip off email headers and remove first line (which is blank)
formail -I "" 
 | tail +2 
 >> $post

# fix permissions
chmod a+r $post

# bake new pages (optional)
# $BLOSXOM -password=secret 

and this goes in .procmailrc

* ^From.*([email protected])
* ^Subject:.*blogthis
    :0 c
        | /home/larcher/.scripts/mail2blosxom


I’ve already heard Vonage mentioned two places today (IRC and here) and it sounds really cool. For $25/month they give you all those goodies that SBC charges arms and legs for (call waiting, caller id, call forwarding, voicemail, *69 .. all free) plus 500 minutes of long distance.

The thing I find nifty is that you can have whatever area code and number you want. And you can use it anywhere you can get yourself some broadband.

I’d love to try it, but they don’t have Austin’s area code yet …. of course, if enough people had phone service like this, area codes wouldn’t matter quite as much. People might start choosing certain area codes (not the one where they live) just to be cool. Or maybe they’ll make some new area codes with no geographic location … wacky.

(Not so) Stupid Geek Tricks

More fun with VNC, X, and RFB ….

Win2VNC — two computers, two monitors, one mouse&keyboard, no switchbox

x2x — same thing for X

x0rfbserver — works the way WinVNC server does, only on X (no new X server, just uses the one it’s started in)

(Oh, Happy New Year by the way 🙂