It’s … thinking?

While browsing the webserver logs I found out that my page is the #1 hit on google
when you search for:

spoonful thinking.

yay.  I’m not quite sure what that means yet.  Thinking spoonfully?  Thinking like a spoon? Contemplating spoons? Cereal?   Meditating on non-sequitur words like spoon?    Meditating on something in small, bite-size spoonfuls?

funny thing about memory

Most of the time, if I take the time to write something down, that action is enough to let me remember the thing later, even if I lose* the note.  But if I think to myself, I will remember this, so I don’t need to write it down, I will most definitely not remember it.

* that’s lose, not loose 😛


This little perl bot keeps growing.  "Spoonbot" can now control the X10 connected lights in the house, change the music, tell me the weather, and relay messages between AIM and ICQ.  Not sure how useful all this will be, but it’s not a bad way to learn more Perl and SQL.  It might even be ready for release someday soon — if anyone’s interested  🙂

light sensing phone :(

The problem I see with this phone that senses light and rings louder when it thinks it’s in a dark pocket or bag, is that it will probably think it’s stowed when it’s actually just in a dark movie theater. oh, yay 😛


I have the same problem … sort of. Lots of chunkets of code I’ve whipped up, but never release into the wild .. I guess I’m doubtful anyone else would find the stuff worthwhile or useful. Also, once I get something into a minimally functional and (personally) useable state, I tend to stop polishing it. Maybe I should change that …. 🙂

Of course, I’m not exactly a “computer scientist” by training so my ‘code’ is probably ugly … I am the proverbial electrical engineer with the root password — as opposed to the programmer with a soldering iron. 😉

Cory Doctorow at UT (last week)

Cory Doctorow spoke at UT last Friday.  I went.  It was nifty .. all about copyright and digital technology and the evil Broadcast Flag.  scary stuff … and don’t forget this case that’s coming up in the Supreme Court soon.  Plus, we got to hear things like "I don’t want Jack Valenti and his plug anywhere near my analog hole." 🙂

IM->MT Posting test ..

This is a test .. . using to post to MT .. wonder if it works .. wheeee! 🙂

update: apparently, it works .. Hardest part was getting all the other pieces working: extra perl modules, mysql server, etc. Then I just had to edit bloggerbot.xml for my setup .. and debug a few bits in (it didn’t like foobar->value->value but foobar->value seems to work fine)

Looks like Brad Choate was the first (I could be wrong on that) to get it working with MT instead of Blogger, so I knew it would work somehow .. 🙂

Hmm, I should be able to use my phone for this too .. how incredibly geeky .. vive la blogwalking!