Two links

1) An mp3 entitled “Royksopp – Eple” somehow wound up on my harddrive. Good song. Did a search and stumbled on the video for it. Makes it that much niftier 🙂

2) It was inevitable, I suppose .. a case mod .. for a mouse .. a mouse case mod, you might call it … heh

NS Day

Did someone declare it Neal Stephenson Day or something?

First, I see a link on /. to this New York Times article (user:generic, password:generic) about Riemann’s Hypothesis — kind of interesting, but you may want to skip it if you hate math 😉 Anyway, this hypothesis has to do with the distribution of prime numbers and the zeros of the Riemann zeta function. And I think there was something in Cryptonomicon about that zeta thinger .. I’d check, but my copy is at home.

And then, over on Penny Arcade they mention this e-gold stuff .. also connected to Cryptonomicon ..