getting better all the time

Well, this weekend was an improvement over last week. Yeah, let me tell you about last week. Wednesday was, if I recall correctly, the day the excrement began impacting upon the air moving appliance.

Exhibit A: Check Engine – the all purpose something-is-broken-on-your-car light, also known as a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), turned itself on Wednesday evening. This resulted in mr. Jetta spending the weekend at the mechanic’s and mr. Larry spending much money to have a light turned off. (Fuel filter replacement). Other results: I find out how much I could spend to have the cold air maker work again. yikes
Exhibit B: Sleep – see previous entry – results: 3-4 hours of sleep and a very cranky, grumpy, snappy, and sick-feeling me.
Exhibit C: Fscking Script Kiddies – What I thought was a hardware problem turned out to be an infestation of script kiddies in my server. I found just how insecure my old Linux server was. And just as I get everything cleaned up …
Exhibit D: Why the phone company should die a horrible, painful, hideous death: – Friday morning at work I notice my computer at home is not online. Friday afternoon, just before leaving town, I find out why — no dialtone on my home phones. This was fixed (in two visits) by Monday. The people who fixed it broke my DSL. This was fixed (by the extremely friendly people at SBC Advanced Solutions) by Tuesday morning, with a few phone conversations and one visit.

Anyway, as I was saying, this weekend was much better than the week itself. AggieCon 33 was much fun, with many old friends, and much game playing (Fluxx, Girl Genius, Magic (ok, I didn’t play much magic, but I watched), Dance Dance Revolution, and many more) and other funness.
And this week is not so bad, so far. Natalie acquired a new pet – a guinea pig – while we were in CS, and that’s been fun too 🙂