If I ever get around to it, I’m going to install some voice recognition software on my computer at home. Aside from being able to play a song just by saying the title, or turn on the lights by saying “illuminate“, I’d also have to hook it up to the phone (of course). And not just in the extremely-elaborate-and-unncessarily-complex-answering-machine way .. it would be more like a personal secretary.

I’m thinking this would work sort of like procmail — it would filter incoming phone calls based on certain keywords. Instead of a .procmailrc file, I’d have a .procphonerc. It would probably look something like this.

Of course, I could use it for more than just getting rid of telemarketers. I could call and talk to the computer when I was away. Turn on the lights, check my email, check the temperature in the house, turn on the air conditioning .. all kinds of completely geeky stuff. heh .. someday. Whenever I find some freetime 😉