The name’s Panic. Col. Panic.

Computer troubles today. I notice something was wrong with spoon ( my Linux gateway/web/mail machine) while I was at work when I couldn’t telnet in or get to my webpage. I come home only to see
Aiee, killing the interrupt handler.
among other odd messages and columns of values in hex. That’s right the computer was screaming in pain. I have no idea what happened. There’s nothing in the log files after 12:08 today, so I know when it happened, but not what.
I rebooted the old thing and it seems to be fine now. Odd.

fun and gaim’s

Been experimenting with Linux software recently. I finally switched from the (somewhat unstable and slightly crappy)ICQ/AIM client I was using to GAIM. Sounds like it only does AIM-ish operations, right? Well, it has these plugins, see .. and there are plugins for everything. Comes with plugins for ICQ (or course) and Jabber and (this one surprised me) Zephyr, which we use at work. If only I could get GTK+ compiled at work. . . heh.

And there’s an ALICE Bot plugin … it’s an interesting chatterbot program, kind of like Eliza (or Dr. Sbaitso for anyone who had an old Sound Blaster). But more intelligent. It talks about movies and people and stuff … ask it about William Shatner! haha!
So anyway, I have this bot running and online… weeeee
ICQ: 11344079
or AIM: botspoon


While poking at various constructed language pages, I found this:

which is Anti-Math notation for
Bored person, happy person --> Contact high!

… and for some reason, when I read this my brain nearly imploded.


I got a machine / And I took over the world
In one weekend
I took over the world / With my machine
I did it because / I was looking for a project
And it was either / Take over the world or learn French
So I took over the world
And next weekend / I can learn French
I got a machine / And I took over the world
But nothing changed / That would not be fair

     — “Machine”, the Violent Femmes

Well, I don’t have a machine that can take over the world. So this weekend I think I’ll learn lojban. Or maybe esperanto. And next weekend I’ll learn Klingon … or some other language


(note: the back button is a dangerous thing — I had this whole post typed up and stupidly hit the back button and *POOF* it’s gone. This is the abridged version.)

Rented a movie last night: uncorked, starring Minnie Driver and Rufus Sewell (who was in Dark City, which I liked).

Good movie .. a crazy uncle, a manganese mine, a large (expensive) pillar, other crazy people, problems, solutions, philosophy, wine, love, hate, money, comedy, funky camera shots! (but wait there’s more!)

My favorite line from the movie:
"... his karma was constipated .. I gave him an enema."

sevqnl svir!

(aka, the Friday Five)

1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma? Yep .. had a mouthpiece, then braces, then a retainer. Then my family moved in my junior year and the new orthodontist told me to stop wearing the retainer … and my teeth became slightly less straight … and he wanted to make another retainer for me. I decided that was enough orthodontics for me.

2. Ever broken any bones? My left lateral maleolus … if that’s spelled right, it means that roundish bone that sticks out on my ankle. I was running, tevas lost traction, right leg slipped out from under me, caught myself with my left and bent it to far … I thought it was sprained until I went to the doctor a day later.

3. Ever had stitches? I was 4, putting my coat in the closet. A leaf of the table fell on the back of my head … I think we went to the emergency room and I got stitches ….

4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars? hmm … Long, wide scar on my arm from elbowing a tree while mountain biking– the scar is bigger than it should be. Two small hyphen shaped scars on my right knuckles: one from putting my hand through a glass storm door, one from a wood-burning tool. There are probably more …..

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Picking up Natalie at the airport. 🙂